The Best Toll Free Virtual PBX Plans for Call Centers

The Best Toll Free Virtual PBX Plans for Call Centers

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The best Toll Free Virtual PBX plans for call centers are...

UPDATED 12/10/2008

VirtualPBX now is on top of the list followed by RingCentral. Both companies offer true ACD Queuing. I've provided some information about true ACD queuing for you below.

VirtualPBX is 1st in this category because:

  • They offer true ACD Queuing They have the most experience in the industry
  • They have a great product that can grow with your company

RingCentral comes in 2nd because:

  • They offer true ACD Queuing
  • While they have ACD Queuing it is a new feature for RingCentral
  • They are an industry leader
  • Their plans are very flexible and very affordable


VirtualPbxGet ready for the Grand-Daddy of them all -! Believed to be the first of the hosted PBX companies, VirtualPBX knows how to to do Virtual PBX right - they even have the trademark on the phrase "Virtual PBX".

In a word, they are RELIABLE. So reliable that companies contract with them for a seamless backup option for when their on-site PBX system fails. It begs the question why you wouldn't go with them in the first place and forego the expense of a true PBX system.

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VirtualPBX Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

VPBX-5 300 $9.99 6.5¢ Unlimited
VPBX-10 600 $24.99 5.8¢ Unlimited
VPBX-20 1,000 $44.99 4.7¢ Unlimited
VPBX-50 2,500 $94.99 4.4¢ Unlimited
iVPBX Unlimited $49.99 $0 5

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RingCentralRingCentral is one of my favorites, so much so that they are my personal choice of carriers for They offer a ton of features at a reasonable prince with downloadable utilities that make their product top-notch!

RingCentral doesn't mess around when it comes to faxing. Their integrated utility makes it a snap to fax any document on your computer right over the internet.

Their included minutes are priced very well and they only charge for 1 leg!!!!

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RingCentral Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

Pro 300 $8.29
ProPlus 1000 $16.29
ProBusiness 1500 $23.29
ProUnlimited Unlimited $31.29

Get your own Toll Free or Local Number with voicemail for as low as $9.99 per month

ACD Queuing

UPDATED 8/6/2008 I recently had a conversation with the COO of VirtualPBX and had the opportunity to learn some new information about the company and the industry as a whole. What I've learned has drastically changed my understanding of VirtualPBX and the services that they offer.

I am moving VirtualPBX into my #1 recommendation for the Best Call Center Plans and the main reason is their ACD Queuing technology is intelligent!

ACD Queuing is the air traffic controlling for your incoming calls. If you've called any major company you know the process:

  • The call comes in and you press a number to speak to someone
  • You are placed on hold to wait for a representative
  • After a period of time (hopefully only a minute or two) you are connected to a representative.

Depending on the toll-free company you use to process your calls, the queuing experience for your staff AND your clients can vary greatly.

ACD Queuing - Typical

Queuing for most virtual toll-free companies is a glorified hunt group:

  • A call comes in and the caller goes to the queue
  • The software starts calling the list of agents in a predetermined fashion until it finds someone to take the call.
  • If no one is available to take the call, the person waits on line until the call can be answered.

While this method does get the job done, it can take a loooong time to connect to a representative ultimately upsetting your valuable customer.

Intelligent ACD Queuing

VirtualPBX takes a different approach:

  • VirtualPBX monitors all agents and knows who is in a call, or away from their phone
  • A call comes in and the caller goes into the queue
  • The system automatically routes the call to the next available agent based on the criteria you have predetermined.

The key here is that VirtualPBX system is "aware" of what's going on through its phone system.  No, they're not listening in, but it can tell if an agent is currently in a call or not.

VirtualPBX also gives YOU the power to determine how the incoming calls should be distributed.  When setting up your queue system you can route calls based on:

  • A random pattern - just send the call randomly to an available agent
  • Least received calls - send the call to the agent who has received the least amount of calls
  • Weighted Scale - send calls to agents based on a scaling system
  • Expertise Scale- send calls to the next available agent who is most proficient in the area being called about. Clicky Web Analytics