RingCentral Hosted Virtual PBX Review

RingCentral Hosted Virtual PBX Review



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In-Call Features

Learn how to take advantage of these RingCentral Features while you're in a call:

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Compare all plans to see which one is the right plan for you

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RingCentral Features
1 Leg Charges Y
Dedicated Toll Free Y
Voicemail Y
Voicemail Storage 100
Email Delivery Y
Dedicated Fax Y
Integrated Fax Y
Auto Attendant Y
Access by Phone Y
Follow Me Y
Ring To Y
Schedule Enabled Y
Call Announce Y
Call Forward Y
Call Hold Y
Call Screening Y
Call Transfer Y
ACD Queuing Y
Hold Music Y
Custom Hold Y
Personal Hold Message Y
Random Hold Music  
Non-Blockable Caller ID Y
Phone Type Announce  
Web interface Y
Cardless Calling Card Y
Call Reports Y
Return Calls Y
Call Block Y
Pager Alert Y
Fax On Demand Y
Voice On Demand  
IM Console Y
SMS Notification Y
Dial by name Y
Dial by extension Y
Supervisor Control Y
Hunt Groups Y
Conference Calling  
Group Voice Messaging Y
Local Numbers Y
Free Trial Y
Vanity Y
 Vanity Price  $30
 Transfer existing # Fee  $0
 True 800  $15
 Setup Fee  $0

RingCentral Virtual PBX

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RingCentral Review

Looking for RingCentral Office? It can be found here!

Update 2/21/2011

RingCentral has lowered their prices on their mobile plans and increased their features, but the prices are only available through the link below.

You Must use this link to get the new pricing! This is an exclusive offer through TheBestTollFree.com!

Here is how RingCentral has changed the plans:

Old Name New Name Old Pricing New Pricing
Professional Pro $14.99 $8.29
Business Plus ProPlus $29.99 $16.29
Power ProBusiness $49.99 $23.29
Premium ProUnlimited $99.99 $31.29

Check out the price reduction percent for the mobile RingCentral plans

% Reduction

If the price reduction alone doesn't make pay attention you also need to be aware that the ProPlus, ProBusiness and ProUnlimited plans also provide you with the following:

Update 5/13/2010

RingCentral has new Mobile rates and they have increased the number of available extensions on all plans! Check out the new information below.

RingCentral October 2010 Coupon

RingCentral Mobile - $10 Off First 3 Months any plan

RingCentral April 2010 Coupon

RingCentral Mobile - 50% Off First 3 Months

RingCentral Update 4/2/2010

RingCentral has continued to update their products and plans. The most significant change has now been how they market the Mobile line of products.

RingCentral Mobile is geared to mobile companies and professionals. In this product line they now offer only two options instead of 4. The two options being offered are:

Previously they offered Business Power and Business Premium. These two options have been replace by RingCentral Office 1 Line ($49.99) and RingCentral Office 4 Line ($99.99). The benefit with the Office product line is that you get additional VOIP if you want it AND unlimited minutes.

RingCentral Update 1/6/2010

RingCentral has made some significant changes to their plans and how they are structured. These changes break down into 3 major categories:

This structure change for RingCentral takes advantage of VOIP technology for those customers looking for that option (RingCentral Office) while allowing those who only want the traditional virtual pbx option (RingCentral Mobile) to continue with that product line.

I'll explain each of these 3 plans to help you determine which one works best for your

RingCentral Mobile

RingCentral Mobile is the company's traditional virtual pbx plan and will be the option that MOST people and businesses will be interested in. These virtual pbx plans are discussed in detail below and the majority of this page is dedicated to the details of this package.

RingCentral Mobile works with your EXISTING phone lines (landlines and cellphone) and is perfect for those people who DO NOT want a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) option. You do not need any special equipment for RingCentral Mobile other than an existing cell phone and/or land line.

All of the details of this package are listed below.

RingCentral Mobile Details

RingCentral Short-Term Coupon Deals

I'm not sure how long these will last, but pick your favorite and give it a try!

January 2010 Coupons

October 2009 Coupons

I just found out that RingCentral is offering some new coupons until the end of June 2009. Here they are:

RingCentral is my favorite plan, so much so that they are my personal choice of carriers for my business, CollegeHelpers.com. They offer a ton of features at a reasonable price with a downloadable utility that make their product top-notch! I've been very impressed with their ability to continuously improve their product with features that make sense.

Customer service is very strong, responding quickly to both emails and phone calls. While I haven't needed to use technical support very often I have always been connected with someone who communicates very well and is able to solve my issue for me quickly.

RingCentral doesn't mess around when it comes to faxing. Their integrated utility makes it a snap to fax any document on your computer right over the internet using their RingCentral Call Controller or via you browser. I'm not sure if this link will work, but if you will be doing a lot of faxing this link should get you a plan that includes 300 FREE Fax Pages per month!

Their included minutes are priced very well and they only charge for 1 leg of the call!!!!

RingCentral Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

Pro 300 $8.29
ProPlus 1000 $16.29
ProBusiness 1500 $23.29
ProUnlimited Unlimited $31.29

RingCentral Pros:

RingCentral Cons:

RingCentral - Things to be aware of:

RingCentral Special Features

RingCentral Contract Length

Try RingCentral Online FREE for 30 Days!

New RingCentral Features

In this section I will keep you updated on new features as they are added to RingCentral. I've highlighted those features that I think really add value to the package!

RingCentral iPhone App LogoJune 2009 - RingCentral iPhone App Released!

Get the App Here!

I was thrilled to find out that RingCentral now has an iPhone App. While you can use Safari to access the RingCentral website on your iPhone, the new app allows you to take advantage of RingCentral's most frequently used features right from within the app.

Here is a video demo of the RingCentral app to help you get a better sense of what it can do.

RingOut with RingCentral App

Quick review - When you make a call using RingCentral the call appears to come from your business (your toll-free number) and NOT from the phone you are actually using. This option allows you to be anywhere and use any phone you want without giving away your personal telephone numbers.

For iPhone users, the new RingCentral app allows you to place the call seamlessly with your iPhone. Calls initiated with the RingCentral app get handed off to your iPhone phone. A call automatically goes to your RingCentral server and dials the number you are attempting to reach.

The call appears to come from your Toll Free number and NOT your iPhone number! Please keep in mind that using this app will use up BOTH your cell phone minutes AND your RingCentral minutes.

RingCentral iPhone Keypad


Configure Your RingCentral App

Configuration of the application is very easy; however, you do need to have a RingCentral account BEFORE the app will work for you.

Additionally, you can configure RingOut to initiate the call from any phone, not just your iPhone!

RingCentral iPhone App Configuration

Faxes with your RingCentral App

This is one of my favorite features! With this app you can view all of your incoming faxes right from your iphone AND forward them to anyone you choose. Great when you're away from the office!

RingCentral iPhone App allows you to view faxes

Contacts and RingCentral

One last feature worth mentioning is the ability to integrate your contacts within the RingCentral app. Makes life very easy for those frequently dialed numbers!

RingCentral iPhone App Contacts

August 2008 - ACD Queuing has been Added!

It's true, ACD Queuing has been added to RingCentral! I've been hoping for a long time that they would add this feature and they've finally got it done.

This is true ACD Queuing and not just a hunt group. This new option is packed with tons of features and will be a great add-on for any user. For current RingCentral users the setup will be a bit confusing, but new customers won't have any trouble with the setup.

The way RingCentral has designed this features is that for any extension you can pick either normal answering rules OR ACD Queuing, but not both.

When setting up your account you will want to reserve your main lines for those you want to queue and reserve your staff lines for regular answering rules.

You can find the full set of instructions for ACD queuing here.

May 2008

Special Sign Up Bonus: Get extra month of rollover minutes. Order Today!

March 2008

RingCentral Online - Free Trial plus 10% Off

April 2007

RingCentral Sign-On Bonus: One extra month of minutes valid for a year. Order Today!

December 2006

As of 12/20/2006 RingCentral has announced that it has added some new features to its list. They are:

  1. FindMe Grouping - Optimize Your Call Forwarding
    1. RingCentral now allows you to group your call forwarding numbers together and choose how you would like to receive calls. For example: Say you have a phone in your home office, a cell phone and a phone in your business office. Given your work schedule you decide you want all calls to ring at your home office 1st, but if you don't answer there you would like both your business phone and your cell phone to ring simultaneously. You can now group your cell phone and business office phone together and set your preferences separately from your home office phone.
  2. Caller ID Setup - Send The Right Number
    1. This feature is good for those that use the dedicated fax feature. You can now select which number will show on caller id when sending a fax or using the RingOut feature - they all don't have to come from the same number.
  3. Voicemail Interrupt - Last Chance To Answer
    1. My favorite of the new additions! This feature allows you to send a call to voicemail from your phone, but listen in on the caller as they are leaving your message. While listening you have the option to interrupt the call and talk to the caller!!!! Call screening on the go!
  4. Custom Call Screening - Ask Who's Calling
    1. For those using the call screening feature, you can now create your own message instead of using RingCentral's prompt.
  5. Company Directory Mapping - Answer with Dial-By-Name
    1. Allows you to send all callers to your company directory instead of going into the typical call queue

October 2006

RingCentral continues improve their product and have added some great new features. While some of them aren't too exciting (Email your Call Log, Display Changes in your account billing) other changes are great (Free inbound voice calls to local numbers, Fax on demand, etc.)!

  1. FREE Inbound Voice Calls to Local Numbers
  2. Display Changes in your Account Billing
  3. New Call Transfer—Take your Call to Go
    1. Great for the person always on the run! Transfer your call to your cell or any other phone while you are in the call.
  4. Advanced Call Forwarding - You get to pick how long the phone will ring at each of the numbers listed in call forwarding tree.
  5. New Notification Settings—Filter your Alerts
  6. Fax Out Addition—Choose your Cover Page
    1. RingCentral's built in internet fax system will now allow you to select the cover page of your choice - cool!
  7. Call Log Search—Find Calls Fast
  8. Email your Call Log—New Email Scheduling Feature
  9. Extension Permissions—Limit Personal Calls of people/family within your organization. You can individually set who has which permissions and functionality.
  10. Fax on Demand—Glad to see they added this feature. While it isn't included in the price of any of the plans, if you need it the $4.95 additional cost is very reasonable
  11. Click to Call - This is a great little feature that allows website visitors to click a utility on your site, enter their phone number and connect them to someone within your organization
  12. Custom on-hold music
  13. Payphone blocking
  14. Schedule enabled
    1. This is a HUGE upgrade! You can now set answering/forwarding rules based on a schedule.

Try RingCentral Online FREE for 30 Days!

Here is a video I found on YouTube by RingCentral. If you are interested in how virtual PBX systems work, this provides a quick overview.

RingCentral Office

See my page dedicated to RingCentral Office Here!

RingCentral Office combines both the traditional virtual pbx system with a VOIP option. RingCentral Office is ONLY for those people/business that want to reduce their costs by elimanating the need for a traditional landline account and making all calls over the internet.

Plans start at just $49.99 per month for 1 line and includes 5,000 minutes of call time. The website says it's unlimited calling, but the RingCentral "fair use" policy states that there is a limit of 5,000 minutes per line; however, these minutes are pooled so a 4 line system would have a total of 20,000 minutes available for use within each month. If you go over the alloted minutes the cost per additional minute is 3.9 cents.

Linksys IP phones are available for purchase starting at $89.99 (1 time expense). The IP phones MUST be plugged into your router so if you're interested in a multiple line system make sure your router can handle that many lines - and no, there isn't a wireless option for the IP phones.

Going to be away from the office? No problem, you can still use RingCentral's traditional virtual pbx plan options as those features are included in this package.

RingCentral Office Plans
IP Lines



Difference between Lines and Extensions

I found this confusing at first so I think it requires some explaing.

With the RingCentral Office plans you get both Lines & Extensions. Lines are your IP phones and each ip phone has its own direct phone number. In addition to this your company will have a "main" number (usually toll-free) where your customers call. Finally, each employee has their own extension. When someone calls your main company number the caller can choose who they want to talk to:

The extension the caller chooses (1, 2, 3, 719, etc.) will be directed to a phone that you have predetermined (IP phone number, cell phone, home phone, etc.)

I hope that helps, but if you're still confused email me for clarification.

RingCentral Fax

While RingCentral Fax is icluded with both RingCentral Mobile and RingCentral Office, for those not interesed in voip technology and virtual pbx you can still take advantage of their faxing capability for a very reasonable price.

RingCentral Fax allows you to send and receive faxes from your computer using any of the following options:

With RingCentral Fax, you recive a dedicated phone number for people to send you faxes. Once a fax comes into your number you can access the file (pdf) through your email or by logging into your online account. From there you can send the fax, print it out, delete it or file it away.

I use the InternetFax application from my desktop frequently and love it! I'm able to include a cover page and attach all the files I want to include in the fax. Most of the time I send the fax immediately, but I can also schedule the fax to be sent at any future date and time of my choosing. The best part is that I don't have to stand over the fax and wait for the transmission to go throug. Once the fax is sent I receive an email telling me that it was sent successfully. I haven't had a single fax not be sent as of yet.

I'm also able to view incoming faxes while I'm away from desk through the RingCentral iPhone App!

RingCentral Internet Fax Application

The picture below is a copy of the RingCentral Internet Fax Application which allows you to select the recipients or add them manually. You can send 1 fax to as many people as you choose at one time!

Pages in your fax can come from multiple programs. For example you can include a document from MS Word, Adobe, Excel, etc. all in one fax.

RingCentral Internet Fax Application


RingCentral Fax Plans
Plan Annual
% Savings Pages Price/
Add'l Pages
Fax 300 $7.99 $9.99 20% 300 2.6¢ - 3.3¢ 5.9¢
Fax 1000 $19.99 $24.99 20% 1000 1.9¢ - 2.4¢ 4.9¢
Fax 2500 $49.99 $59.99 16% 2500 1.9¢ - 2.3¢ 3.9¢

RingCentral Fax Coupons

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