RingCentral Hold, Transfer, Quick Dial

RingCentral Hold, Transfer, Quick Dial

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RingCentral Hold & Transfer

If you're like me you have had occasion when you're in a call using RingCentral and want to place the caller on hold, transfer the caller, or any of the other features. Trouble is that I rarely have that information at my fingertips and it's not the easiest thing to find on the RingCentral site so I thought I would provide it in one location to simplify it for everyone!

To Put a Call on Hold

To Transfer a Call

To Transfer to a Quick Dial Number

This is a great feature. Use the Quick Dial feature if you're in your office on a call and need to move the call to your cell phone.

A Quick Dial number is one of your forwarding numbers. You can find your forwarding numbers when you log into your RingCentral Account:

  1. Click on "My Settings"
  2. Click on "Forwarding Numbers"

RingCentral Quick Dial

This feature is also call "Call Flip" and works exactly the same as Quick Dial.


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