Grasshopper Hosted Virtual PBX Review

Grasshopper Hosted Virtual PBX Review



Grasshopper is a great company and I highly recommend them. If you are considering purchasing a plan with them, also take a look at RingCentral, my favorite.

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Grasshopper Features
1 Leg Charges Y
Dedicated Toll Free Y
Voicemail Y
Voicemail Storage Unlimited
Email Delivery Y
Dedicated Fax  
Integrated Fax Y
Auto Attendant Y
Access by Phone Y
Follow Me Y
Ring To Y
Schedule Enabled Y
Call Announce Y
Call Forward Y
Call Hold Y
Call Screening Y
Call Transfer Y
ACD Queuing Y
Hold Music Y
Custom Hold Y
Personal Hold Message Y
Random Hold Music  
Non-Blockable Caller ID  
Phone Type Announce  
Web interface Y
Cardless Calling Card Y
Call Reports Y
Return Calls Y
Call Block  
Pager Alert Y
Fax On Demand Y
Voice On Demand Y
IM Console  
SMS Notification Y
Dial by name Y
Dial by extension Y
Supervisor Control  
Hunt Groups Y
Conference Calling Y
Group Voice Messaging Y
Questionnaires Y
Local Numbers Y
Free Trial Y
Vanity Y
 Vanity Price  $30
 Transfer existing # Fee  $0-$30
 True 800  $15
 Setup Fee  $25

Grasshopper Virtual PBX



Grasshopper virtual pbx Review

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Grasshopper virtual pbx UPDATE 2/24/2010

I have some great news to report about Grasshopper! I was able to resolve the issue previously mentioned on 11/3/2009 and once I had a chance to talk to the right department and person everything was corrected. In fact, Grasshopper exceeded my expectations in solving the issue!!

I'm also happy to report that you can now receive a $10 credit when signing up for Grasshopper through

Get a $10 Grasshopper Credit!

This $10 Grasshopper Coupon is exclusive to and will be applied at the end of your first billing cycle by Grasshopper.

New Feature

The good news doesn't end there! Grasshopper recently added a new feature that called

As you would excpect, this feature will transcribe your messages to text and email them to you with an mp3 attachment of the actual message. All new account will receive a 60 day trial of "Read Your Voicemail" and it only costs $10 per month if you decide to keep the feature after that

Grasshopper virtual pbx UPDATE 11/3/2009

Something appears to be happening at Grasshopper and I'm not sure what it is. Last week I contacted support about an issue and was directed to file my request through their online support page. I called during normal business hours so I was suprised and dissapointed they couldn't put me in touch with someone who could help me.

I submitted my request online like they suggessted and received an automated confirmation indicating I would hear from someone within 24 hours. It has now been a week and I have not heard anything from Grasshopper!

I'm not sure what is happening at Grasshopper, but be aware that if you choose them as your virtual pbx company you might be dissappointed with the assistance your receive from customer support.

I will keep you posted on what I find out about this issue.

In the meatime, you may want to check out the following companies as potential alternatives:

Grasshopper virtual pbx UPDATE 5/14/2009

You heard correctly, GotVMail has been rebranded as Grasshopper. Same great service and product with a brand new name. I am putting together some more information on the change and will have it for you shortly. In the meantime, feel comfortable that the company is still providing a great product and service, they've just changed the name.

Looking at GotVMail/Grasshopper? You should also take a serious look at RingCentral! Great price, features and service.

Grasshopper virtual pbx Update 11/11/2008

Grasshopper virtual pbx has made some major changes, most of which will save you a ton of money! The only thing they've done that I'm disappointed in is that they've added back in the $25 activation fee except for their MAX plan!

Here's what Grasshopper virtual pbx has done:

Grasshopper has simplified their plans

They now only have three plans (used to have 4) and include Unlimited Extensions in all of them!

Grasshopper Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

Grow 0 $12 Unlimited
Ramp 500 $24 Unlimited
Grow 2,000 $49 Unlimited
Max 10,000 $199 Unlimited

If you scroll down and see their previous plans you'll see how they compare.

Grasshopper minutes have increased drastically!
Level Minutes Were Minutes Now Increase
Start 50 100! 100%
Grow 1,000 2,000! 100%
Max 2,000 10,000! 400%

Please note that the Max plan costs twice as much as the old plan, but you get 5 times as many minutes!

Having unlimited extensions is great for any company looking to add staff on the spur of the moment.

Grasshopper Update 5/12/2008

Grasshopper has eliminated their setup fee for 866, 877 and 888 numbers! The setup fee used to be $25 and when comparing with other companies like it put Grasshopper at a disadvantage. This was a smart move for Grasshopper!

Grasshopper Update 12/07/2007

Okay folks, Grasshopper has made some changes and the good news is that all of it is for the better!

I have to say that I'm very happy to see the changes that they have made. Grasshopper was my first virtual pbx carrier and I loved the quality of their connection, but at the time other companies were offering the same features at no additional cost. Grasshopper made the right choice by changing their calling plans and including the great features at no additional cost!

What's Changed at Grasshopper?

Let's take a quick Look:

Grasshopper Pros

Grasshopper Cons

Things to be aware of with Grasshopper:

Grasshopper Special Features

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