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GetTeleCenter Toll Free Hosted Virtual PBX Review


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Too Expensive for what you get. Go with RingCentral or GotVMail.

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1 Leg Charges Y
Dedicated Toll Free Y
Voicemail Y
Voicemail Storage unlimited
Email Delivery Y
Dedicated Fax  
Integrated Fax Y
Auto Attendant Y
Access by Phone Y
Follow Me Y
Ring To Y
Schedule Enabled Y
Call Announce Y
Call Forward Y
Call Hold Y
Call Screening Y
Call Transfer Y
ACD Queuing  
Hold Music Y
Custom Hold  
Personal Hold Message  
Random Hold Music  
Non-Blockable Caller ID Y
Phone Type Announce  
Web interface Y
Cardless Calling Card Y
Call Reports Y
Return Calls Y
Call Block Y
Pager Alert  
Fax On Demand  
Voice On Demand  
IM Console  
SMS Notification Y
Dial by name Y
Dial by extension Y
Supervisor Control  
Hunt Groups Y
Conference Calling  
Group Voice Messaging Y
Local Numbers Y
Free Trial Y
Vanity Y
 Vanity Price  $35
 Transfer existing # Fee  $35
 True 800  $25
 Setup Fee  $15
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GetTeleCenter Review

Okay folks, this one can get a bit confusing for a couple reasons. First of all you will notice that the name of the company appears to be TeleCenter - makes sense as long as you realize that their web address is They also go by the name of COA TeleCenter in some locations - it all boils down to the same company. For this article I'm going to call them GetTeleCenter.

The other thing that can be confusing is their pricing structure (even though they tell you it isn't complicated). The thing to be aware of is that GetTeleCenter charges $34.95 per month for their service which includes all incoming calls. Sound like a great deal? It isn't, but don't be too alarmed - it could be worse.

Here's how GetTeleCenter breaks down:

If you read the fine print you'll notice that they charge 6.9¢ for all outbound calls. What do they consider an outbound call you ask?? Just about everything you would expect to get for for the monthly fee - call forwarding, call trasfers, call return, virtual pbx extensions, virtual calling to name a few. To be honest they should say that their monthly fee is $34.95 and they charge for one leg of the call like just about everyone else. At 6.9¢ per minute and $34.95 per monthly fee you are paying a lot of money for something another company can give you for a lot less!!!

Quickly compare GetTeleCenter with RingCentral and you find a significant difference. Both offer similar features so let's take a look at the pricing.

RingCentral Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

Professional 100 $14.99 6.7¢ 5
Business Plus 500 $29.99 5.9¢ 10
Business Power 1000 $49.99 4.8¢ 20
Business Premium 2500 $99.99 3.9¢ 100
GetTeleCenter Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

1 Plan 0 $34.95 5.9¢ 10

If we compare the plans based on 10 mailboxes you will see that the RingCentral's plan is already $5 cheaper per month and includes 500 minutes with the plan!! The same plan at GetTeleCenter with 500 minutes would end up costing you $64.95 per month!! It doesn't stop there - their fees are also some of the most expensive when setting up your account $15 activation, $35 to transfer an existing toll free number, $35 vanity number, $25 for a true 800 number.

The Bottom Line

Steer clear - you'll find a much better plan with one of the competitors. Clicky Web Analytics