FreedomVoice Hosted Virtual PBX Review

FreedomVoice Toll Free and Virtual PBX Hosted Virtual PBX Review


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FreedomVoice is too expensive for what it offers. Go with a different plan like RingCentral or GotVMail.

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FreedomVoice Features
1 Leg Charges  
Dedicated Toll Free Y
Voicemail Y
Voicemail Storage unlimited
Email Delivery Y
Dedicated Fax $
Integrated Fax Y
Auto Attendant Y
Access by Phone Y
Follow Me Y
Ring To Y
Schedule Enabled $
Call Announce Y
Call Forward Y
Call Hold Y
Call Screening Y
Call Transfer Y
ACD Queuing $
Hold Music Y
Custom Hold $
Personal Hold Message $
Random Hold Music $
Non-Blockable Caller ID  
Phone Type Announce  
Web interface $
Cardless Calling Card Y
Call Reports $
Return Calls Y
Call Block Y
Pager Alert Y
Fax On Demand $
Voice On Demand Y
IM Console  
SMS Notification $
Dial by name $
Dial by extension $
Supervisor Control  
Hunt Groups $
Conference Calling $
Group Voice Messaging $
Local Numbers  
Free Trial Y
Vanity Y
 Vanity Price  $30
 Transfer existing # Fee  $30
 True 800  $0
 Setup Fee  $0

FreedomVoice Review

FreedomVoice Update 2/9/2013

There have been a lot of changes to FreedomVoice and pricing is probably the biggest change they've had.

FreedomVoice has reduced the number of plans they have, increased the included minutes and lowered the price for each corresponding plan.

Previously, FreedomVoice went with the precious metals theme of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The three FreedomVoice plans are now called:

The greatest change has been the amount of included minutes. Freedom voice now starts their lowest plan at 300 included minutes, up from the original 100. The new pricing is listed below.

Updated 8/19/2009

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FreedomVoice has undergone some changes recently, all for the best.

FreedomVoice Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

FreedomStart 300 $9.95 4.9¢ 10
FreedomEdge 1000 $24.95 4.5¢ 25
FreedomSuite 2500 $59.95 3.9¢ 100

FreedomVoice Positives

FreedomVoice Negatives

Things to be aware of with FreedomVoice:

FreedomVoice Special Features

FreedomVoice Contract Length

The FreedomVoice Bottom Line

FreedomVoice is too expensive for what it offers. You can get all the features plus others without have to shell out extra cash to do it. Consider the following companies instead: Clicky Web Analytics