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Davinci Virtual Hosted Virtual PBX Review and Comparison


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Davinci Virtual might be the perfect plan for you if you're interested in a Live Receptionist!

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1 Leg Charges Y
Dedicated Toll Free Y
Voicemail Y
Voicemail Storage 4+hours
Email Delivery Y
Dedicated Fax Y
Integrated Fax Y
Auto Attendant Y
Access by Phone Y
Follow Me Y
Ring To Y
Schedule Enabled Y
Call Announce Y
Call Forward Y
Call Hold Y
Call Screening Y
Call Transfer Y
ACD Queuing Y
Hold Music Y
Custom Hold Y
Personal Hold Message Y
Random Hold Music  
Non-Blockable Caller ID Y
Phone Type Announce  
Web interface Y
Cardless Calling Card Y
Call Reports Y
Return Calls Y
Call Block  
Pager Alert Y
Fax On Demand  
Voice On Demand  
IM Console Y
SMS Notification Y
Dial by name Y
Dial by extension Y
Supervisor Control  
Hunt Groups Y
Conference Calling Y
Group Voice Messaging Y
Local Numbers Y
Free Trial  
Vanity Y
 Vanity Price  $100
 Transfer existing # Fee  $75
 True 800  $0
 Setup Fee  $0

Davinci Virtual

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Davinci Virtual Review

UPDATE 2/9/2013

Davinci Virtual has had some changes to their pricing! Here is how it breaks down

Davinci Virtual Live & Auto Receptionist Pricing


Cost/ Minute

Add'l Minute
Small Biz 50 minutes $129 $1.49 90¢
Executive 100 minutes $179 $0.99 90¢
Auto Receptionist $59 $0.83 90¢

While Davinci Virtual is now offering fewer plans and the prices are higher for the live receptionists, their service is a great option for those who prefer to have a real person answering the phone!

Davinci Virtual is not your traditional virtual pbx system, it's actually much more. While Davinci has a completely automated package, they differentiate themselves by providing a Real Person to answer and direct all of your incoming calls!

If you're interested, they also offer Virtual Offices - VERY COOL!!

If you're considering Davinci you should also take a look at RingCentral - my overall #1 pick. While they both offer similar services, RingCentral offers a few features that customers love (integrated fax, dedicated fax line, call control utility, etc.).

For a true virtual pbx plan you will want to select Auto Attendant. This plan is your standard plan that you will find at all the other sites and Davinci Virtual provides all of the features you would expect to find in a virtual pbx plan.

The real magic at Davinci Virtual happens with their Live Receptionist plans. To get an answering service that includes a live receptionist AND an auto attendant for after hours, select the plan with the number of minutes you think you'll need.

Live Receptionist starts at just $149 per month for 100 minutes of receptionist time AND 500 minutes of calling time.

As you would expect, the larger your package plan, the better rate per minute.

For anyone looking to have a live person answer your phones, this is a very affordable solution!

Davinci Virtual provides you with

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Virtual Offices

Davinci Virtual OfficesIf you're like me and work in a home office there are probably times you wish you had a more professionally located place to meet with clients or business partners.  Davinci Virtual offers over 600 office locations around the world where you can:

  • Conduct meetings
  • Use office space
  • Receive mail

Also, if you travel you can use the office resources in any of their locations.

This is a perfect solution for anyone who only needs office facilities on a limited occasion and doesn't want to purchase or lease a permanent location.

Prices vary by location and the type of features you need.

Get more information on a Virtual Office from Davinci Virtual. Learn more now>>>

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