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Fred Thanks so much for your in-depth analysis and reviews of the leading virtual pbx systems. My search has lead me to RingCentral and Virtual PBX. I thought I was finally at a point to make a decision when I came across some rather disconcerting reviews of RingCentral. The reviewers' claims were related to RingCentral's reliability. Specifically, the reviewers on PCMag. com stated they experienced: - inbound calls going straight to voicemail - long outages (8+ hours) nearly twice zetia 10mg pills $126.00 a month for maintenance - slow and untrained customer service with long hold times - poor VoIP sound quality (this isn't an issue for me as I will retain my current VoIP through Time Warner Cable) The reviews I'm referring to range in date from Nov 2008 to Apr 2009. It seems as though you've had a great deal of experience with RingCentral, so I wanted to ask if you've had instances of these issues. My biggest concern is reliability. In your opinion, would I be better suited going with VirtualPBX for the sake of reliability (assuming both services would satisfy my needs)? Thank you so much for being willing to take emails! Sincerely, Matt M.
Hi Matt zetia 10mg pills $126.00, If it's the same reviews I've read I believe they are referring to their voip technology only and not their virtual pbx technology. Zetia 10mg pills $126.00   i haven't used their voip as i prefer the piece of mind of using a landline and cell phone so i can't speak to the quality of their voip product.   Here is the link to the article I've read: However, I have used their pbx system extensively and have been extremely pleased.   I have never experienced any outages, dropped calls, lost vm, or problems with customer service.   Additionally, I haven't heard from any users that have had any problems with RingCentral's virtual pbx system. What I can tell you is that I believe both RingCentral and Virtual PBX are quality companies with robust features.   With the exception of a few minor differences in features I highly recommend both companies.   You should feel confident that either company will serve you well. Let me know what you decide and please [zetia 10mg pills $126.00] let me know how your experience has been with the company you choose. Thanks for the question! Fred

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