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I'm researching IVR and PBX solutions for the customer support group at my company (software startup, currently <20 total employees).   They key features that I need are: 1) Off-hours call forwarding (to our off-peak support provider) 2) ACD functionality (for queuing and routing as support group grows) 3) Toll-free number 4) Voicemail I've looked at a number of different hosted PBX and virtual call center solutions (GotVMail, RingCentral, VirtualPBX women's health fosamax 35mg pills (generic) $84.00, Angel. com) [women's health fosamax 35mg pills (generic) $84.00] and so far VirtualPBX seems to have the most features women's health fosamax 35mg pills (generic) $84.00 at a reasonable per minute rate (roughly $. 05/minute), as well as capability to scale with our growing company. Any additional input would be appreciated. Max S. Women's health fosamax 35mg pills (generic) $84.00
out of that list you mentioned, both ringcentral and virtualpbx are great companies and can meet your needs.   They are the only two that offer true ACD Queuing.

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