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Viagra 50 mg I recently took a weekend trip to Canada and by now I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories about outrageous cell phone charges whenever you roam outside of the US without making the proper arrangements with your cell phone carrier.  Since I was only going to Canada for the weekend I really didn’t want to pay for (or take the time) to make changes to my plan.  So what’s a person to do!?

Viagra 50 mg As a RingCentral user and an IPhone owner I had a near perfect solution – VOIP calls through my RingCentral IPhone app!  In simple terms I turned OFF my IPhone cell coverage and data features and turned ON my WIFI service.  This allowed me to make phone calls with my IPhone anytime I was connected to WIFI – which was all the time I was in the hotel (I was at a conference and spent very little time away from the hotel).

How to set your IPhone to make RingCentral VOIP calls

Viagra 50 mg The first step in turning your RingCentral app into a VOIP caller is to open up your RingCentral app and click on the settings button in the lower left-hand corner:

Viagra 50 mg RingCentral Dial Pad

Viagra 50 mg From the RingCentral Settings page you will want to turn VOIP calling to “ON” and make sure that VOIP over 3G is “OFF”.  Please note that after making this setting change your RingCentral app will utilize VOIP anytime you are connected to WIFI.  Also, viagra 50 mg this change ONLY impacts your IPhone app and none of your other RingCentral settings that you may have on your computer or online.

Viagra 50 mg RingCentral VOIP Settings

Viagra 50 mg Now when you place a call with your IPhone RingCentral app you will get this message:

Viagra 50 mg You are making a VOIP call

Viagra 50 mg BTW – setting your IPhone to make calls using RingCentral VOIP will use your RingCentral minutes but NOT your cell phone minutes!

Viagra 50 mg The final step to make sure you don’t receive international roaming charges is to set your IPhone to Airplane mode and then turn WIFI back ON.  Setting your IPhone to Airplane mode always turns your WIFI OFF, viagra 50 mg but you can then turn WIFI back on while leaving your phone in Airplane mode.

Viagra 50 mg IPhone Airplane Mode With WIFI

RingCentral VOIP – Important Notes

  1. The first thing to be aware of using VOIP through your RingCentral app is that you can only place calls through VOIP, viagra 50 mg you cannot receive calls.
  2. To receive calls on your IPhone with VOIP you can always use Skype.
  3. Setting your IPhone to Airplane mode means you will not be able to send or receive text messages.
  4. To send and receive Text messages over the internet, viagra 50 mg consider using Google Voice.

Final RingCentral VOIP Thoughts

Viagra 50 mg While this option may not work as an ideal solution for everyone, viagra 50 mg I hope that at at least gives you some options you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Viagra 50 mg If you have any questions about RingCentral, viagra 50 mg virtual PBX, viagra 50 mg any of the companies or features I have reviewed, viagra 50 mg please feel free to email me or give me a call.

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