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Hi Fred, Wow what a great site you have put together.   I am hoping you can make a suggestion for me.   My husband is in the process of taking over the  sales and customer service of some computer software he had written. In the past we had leased the software to a big corporation and they handled all the issues for us.   But that contract is over and we are now going to be in charge.   So we are looking for a 1800 number to handle all of the incoming calls.   If a person has bought the software and doesn't have an internet connection they have to get a hold of us to be able to install the software on their computer.   The problem is that my husband has a full time job so he can't be accepting phone calls at work from someone wanting to install software. Valtrex 500mg pills 12 $60.00   so what we need is valtrex 500mg pills 12 $60.00 a virtual voicemail system hooked up to an 800 number.   The way I see it happening is that someone calls the 800 number. . . they get the press one for installation. . . press 2 for technical issues etc.   Anyway all of those numbers will take them to a virtual voice mail system.   My husband can either check the voicemails occasionally or have it emailed to him when a new voicemail comes in.   Then he would call the person back on his cell phone to talk about the issue whenever he has a free moment.   Is this possible?  If so do you have any recommendations for a company to use.   Everything I see has [valtrex 500mg pills 12 $60.00] incoming charges for calls.   He wouldn't want to talk to anybody calling in.   He would have to call them back.   Anyway valtrex 500mg pills 12 $60.00, is this clear as mud?  Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks so much! Nikki

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