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Hello Fred, Your site is VERY helpful, Thank You! One basic question for you: my assistant was researching the various companies and they led her to believe that Virtual PBX (non-VoIP) requires high-speed internet constant connection of a computer at our location to make this happen. We will be moving to an area which may not have high-speed internet available to us (yes there are still a few of these locations in the world!), although we do have Verizon internet cards maxalt 5mg pills $179.00 from us based pharmacy, or will have satellite if high-speed cable is not available. It appears there is a dashboard in each VirtualPBX system which of course would require a descent internet speed. Maxalt 5mg pills $179.00 from us based pharmacy but, the companies led her to believe that it would be our computer that controls the actions of the call (which sounds like hosted pbx to me) and that for this system to work, high speed internet is required. Could you set us straight? Would we need a computer at our main location at all? And if we do, what does “our” computer do? Any help you can offer is GREATLY appreciated. All my best, Thyra
Hi Thyra, The only time you would need a high-speed connection is if you are using voip technology instead of a landline or cell phone to talk to someone.   While VirtualPBX offers a package that provides voip, it is not required AND most people do not use it. You will need a computer to configure the account, view reports, etc. but some people rarely use the online account once it’s set up.   Me for example – I set my RingCentral account up and now I rarely need to go on the website for anything.   I might access the website once every two months.   The only downside to having a dialup connection is if you have voicemail messages sent to your email.   If there is a large recorded file it may take a while to download to your machine, but it will still work. The only thing you would need a computer on a daily basis would be if you are going to maxalt 5mg pills $179.00 from us based pharmacy use ACD queuing.   VirtualPBX has intelligent queuing which requires “operators” to log in and update [maxalt 5mg pills $179.00 from us based pharmacy] their status to “available”; however, you can do that without a high speed connection. Hope that helps! Fred

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