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Copycat viagra So you would like to port your existing number to Google Voice. Copycat viagra  For many people this is a great AND needed option. Copycat viagra  For more details on Google Voice porting please visit my page on Google Voice.

Copycat viagra You have all the details on why you might want to port your number to Google Voice, copycat viagra but you don’t know how. Copycat viagra  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get it done.

Creating a New Google Voice Account

Copycat viagra If you are creating a Google Voice account for the first time all you need to do is indicate that you want to port an existing number. Copycat viagra  There is a $20 one-time fee to port your number to Google Voice.

Copycat viagra Please note!  If you port your existing phone number to Google Voice you will not be able to use that phone unless you get a new number for it. Copycat viagra  ALSO, copycat viagra porting your number to Google Voice will, copycat viagra in most cases, copycat viagra cancel your phone service with the previous carrier!

Porting a number to an Existing Google Voice Account

Copycat viagra 1 – Start by logging into your Google Voice Account and clicking the Tools icon in the upper-left corner of your home screen and select “settings”

Copycat viagra Google Voice Settings Button

Copycat viagra 2- From the Settings page click on the link “Change/Port” next to your number

Copycat viagra

Copycat viagra 3 – A popup window will ask if you would like a new number OR to use your mobile number (port it). Copycat viagra  Click “I want to use my mobile number”

Copycat viagra Google Voice Change Number

Copycat viagra 4 – Enter you cell number and check for available options. Copycat viagra  If your phone is eligible to port to Google Voice you will then be able to finish the process.

Copycat viagra Google Voice Number Check for Porting

Copycat viagra At this point you can finish the application process, copycat viagra pay the $20 and port your number. Copycat viagra  Once ported all calls will forward to your Google Voice number and not your cell phone. Copycat viagra  You will want set a number for Google Voice to forward your calls to at this point. Copycat viagra  This can be a new cell number, copycat viagra home or office number.

Copycat viagra

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