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I often get asked about virtual pbx companies that offer voicemail transcriptions as part of their service.   Voicemail transcription turns a regular voicemail into a text document that can then be sent as a text message to your phone or emailed directly to you. [caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $93.00]   The benefit of a service like this is that it allows you to read a message rather than listen to it.   Voicemail transcription comes in very handy if you're in a meeting and can't actually take the time to listen to your messages caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $93.00, but you can get away with reading an email or checking a text message. Caduet caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $93.00 amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $93.00   the challenge  is that transcription services will often struggle to produce accurate results.   However, most of the time you can get the "gist" of a message without having 100% of message transcribed accurately. I use Google Voice on a regular basis and have found that their voicemail transcription service to be admirable.   Granted, there are times it doesn't get the transcription perfect but in all cases so far I've been able to understand what the caller was trying to tell me.

Transcription Accuracy

I have found that the quality of voicemail transcriptions are impacted by the following conditions:
  • Call quality - if the connection is poor your transcription will suffer
  • Accent - less than perfect pronunciation will often result in some humorous transcriptions.
  • Speed - fast talkers BEWARE!  If your friends tend to talk a mile a minute then some of the words will get blended together or clipped into shorter versions.
  • Mumblers - A couple of my friends are mumblers and I even have a hard time understanding what they're saying!  Add a computer transcription to the mix and you end up with the same results as you would with accents
  • Soft Talkers - Whispers do not transcribe well!

Voicemail Transcription Companies

I've found the following companies that offer voicemail tanscription:

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