Vigor 2000

Vigor 2000 I’m researching IVR and PBX solutions for the customer support group at my company (software startup, vigor 2000 currently <20 total employees).  They key features that I need are:

Vigor 2000 1) Off-hours call forwarding (to our off-peak support provider)
2) ACD functionality (for queuing and routing as support group grows)
3) Toll-free number
4) Voicemail

Vigor 2000 I’ve looked at a number of different hosted PBX and virtual call center solutions (GotVMail, vigor 2000 RingCentral, vigor 2000 VirtualPBX, vigor 2000 and so far VirtualPBX seems to have the most features at a reasonable per minute rate (roughly $.05/minute), vigor 2000 as well as capability to scale with our growing company.

Vigor 2000 Any additional input would be appreciated.

Vigor 2000 Max S.

Vigor 2000 Out of that list you mentioned, vigor 2000 both RingCentral and VirtualPBX are great companies and can meet your needs.  They are the only two that offer true ACD Queuing.

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 272 user reviews.

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