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Here is a list of the features that are being eliminated or modified with the upcoming (sometime in May 2013) RingCentral website and smartphone app changes.
Department Settings Agent Profile Setting is no longer supported Agent Profile is no longer supported in the new interface. The user's Answering Rules will be used for both personal calls and department calls.  
Department Priority is no longer supported Department priority is no longer supported. Calls will be answered in the order in which they are received.  
Department Routing Option (Skills based) is no longer supported Skills based routing is no longer supported. Departments will be routed to the agents "in fixed order" and will be routed based on availability. Amoxicillin 500mg pills $71.00 the new order of agents will be set in the order of skillset as it was defined in the older interface amoxicillin 500mg pills $71.00, from high to low.
Department Routing Option (Longest Waiting) is no longer supported "Longest Waiting" sequence is no longer supported, departments with "Longest Waiting" sequence will now be set to "Rotating" sequence. Calls will be equally offered to all the agents in "Rotating" sequence. The order of the agents will be based on the order in which they become available for calls.  
Department Routing Option (Fewest Number of calls) is no longer supported "Fewest Number of Calls" sequence is no longer supported. Departments with "Fewest Number of Calls" sequence will now be set to "Rotating" sequence. The order of the agents will be based on their availability.  
Call Screening for Departments is no longer supported Call screening is only supported for extensions and not for departments.  
Greeting & Connect Prompt for Departments - The Connect Prompt feature is no longer supported. Greeting & Connect Prompt for Departments - The settings for the introductory greeting and the connect prompt have been merged into one greeting. The [amoxicillin 500mg pills $71.00] default prompt for departments has been updated to reflect this.  
Music on Hold for Departments – The option to skip to voicemail is no longer supported. Music on Hold for Departments – Pressing # to skip to voicemail is no longer available for departments. Departments amoxicillin 500mg pills $71.00 that had the option to let callers skip to Voicemail by pressing # (when they were waiting for an agent) will have that option turned off.  
Agent Availability Settings for Departments - Agent are still available after a missed call. Agent Availability Settings for Departments - Agents will continue to be available for department calls even if they miss a call when it was offered.  
Company Settings Assigning Digital Lines to ring a device, greeting, or directory will always follow the user's answering rules. Assigning Digital Lines - Digital lines will always follow the user’s answering rules.   For a hard phone device to ring, it will need to be added to the User’s answering rule.   Digital lines already assigned to “Ring Device” will continue to work after the upgrade.  
Dial-by-Name Directory default settings have changed. Dial-by-Name directory search option is set by default to at least 3 characters.   The option to list all extensions in the Dial-by-Name directory is now turned on by default.  
Assigning phone numbers to the Dial-by-Name directory is no longer supported. Assigning phone numbers - Phone numbers cannot be assigned directly to the Dial-by-Name directory.   Numbers that were assigned to the Dial-by-Name directory will be re-assigned to the auto receptionist.   Digital lines assigned to the Dial-by-Name directory will continue to work.  
User Permissions Settings have been simplified. User Permissions Settings - Admins have control over which users have administrator privileges and international calling permissions. All other feature permissions have been defaulted to true and cannot be turned off.  
Users Settings User Forwarding number limits have been simplified. User Forwarding number limits - Forwarding sequences can have only 4 external numbers in their forwarding sequence.   There can be any number of internal phone devices stored in forwarding sequences.  
User Custom Greetings have been simplified to store only one custom greeting per prompt or music greeting. User Custom Greetings - Only one custom greeting per prompt or music greeting is stored.   Users that had more than one custom greeting will have the ability to download those greetings after the upgrade.  
User Forwarding options that been simplified. User forwarding options – The option to distribute calls in “Sequential in Rotating Order” has been simplified to “In fixed order” or “Simultaneous” for user extensions.
Voicemail Recording Length - Maximum length is now 3 minutes. Voicemails under 1 second will be auto-deleted. Voicemail Recording Length - The maximum length of voicemails has been set to 3 minutes by default and cannot be changed.   Users who had maximum Voicemail length set to 4 or 5 minutes will now see that new voicemails are truncated at 3 minutes. The system will automatically delete voicemails that are less than 1 second.   This option cannot be disabled.  
Voicemail Playback Settings have changed to announce name and number first. Message retrieval is set to play newest messages first. Voicemail Playback Settings - When playing back voicemails, the caller name and number is announced before the message is played. This is the default and cannot be turned off.   Message retrieval has been set to play newest messages first.  
Mailbox Storage Settings will replace the oldest message with the newest when the mailbox is full. Mailbox Storage Settings - The system will automatically replace the oldest message  with a new message when the mailbox is full (200 messages - voice and fax).   So that customers never miss a new message, there is no option to stop accepting messages when the mailbox is full.  
Notification Settings (Voicemails)Settings are the same for both regular and urgent voicemails Voicemail notification settings (for both email and text) are the same for both regular voicemails and urgent voicemails.  
Notification Settings (Incoming Calls) - Incoming call notification has been replaced with Missed Call Notification. Incoming Call Notification has been removed and been replaced with Missed Call Notification.   There is no option to enable notification messages for answered calls.   For callers that leave a voicemail, Voicemail Notification settings will be used.  
User Call Block Settings – Can no longer block voicemails only. User Call Block Settings - Users can block calls and faxes without CallerID but cannot block voicemails only.  
User Music on Hold options have changed to no longer support interrupt prompts. User Music on Hold - Music on hold will play continuously as long as the call has been put on hold.   Users do not have the option to set the interrupt prompt.  
Call Information display is now set for users, not for phone numbers. Incoming call information - Incoming call setting rules are now based per user - not by individual forwarding number settings. This includes Call Identifier Numbers and Connect Prompts.  
Inbound Fax Settings are set to default to PDF. Inbound Fax Settings - Faxes will be delivered in PDF format by default.   

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