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I've put together all the information you need to know about hosted virtual pbx companies to pick the right plan for your situation!

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Fred Grant

Hi! I'm Fred Grant and I have brought together, in one location, the information YOU NEED to choose the Right Toll-Free Virtual PBX plan!

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How Got Started...

I own an internet business called which provides one location for employers to find real college students for their part-time off-campus job opportunities. A number of years ago I ran across an article about They (like many, many other companies) provide virtual pbx systems for businesses (and individuals) at a fraction of the cost of buying a pbx system on its own.

I was shocked when I read the article and found out that I could have an 800 number, internet fax and a voicemail system for less than $30 a month with no equipment to buy. The thought of a phone system that could help my company look and function like a company much larger than it was, was very enticing. So.... you guessed it, I signed up immediately!

Later, I found out that there are dozens of providers for virtual pbx systems with outstanding features. Only trouble is, that each company offers different features at different rates and it took a long time to find a company that was ideal for my business needs.

In the process I learned a great deal of valuable information that I'm passing along to anyone else that can use it. This site is constantly being updated and if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email me or give me a call (877)256-5474 ext. 703

Good Luck!

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